Handheld Analyzer Updated for Mining

ThermoFisher Scientific updated the Niton XL5 analyzer with mining mode. It allows geologists and mining companies in early and late-stage exploration, as well as in mining operations, to accurately determine, measure and evaluate the elemental composition of geological samples from magnesium to uranium, within seconds, the company reported. The resulting data enables mining companies to locate on-site, and in real time, the most viable resources. Weighing only 2.8 lb with a compact, ergonomic design, the analyzer is designed to reduce operator fatigue. In addition to embedded GPS, the update includes Bluetooth GPS functionality. The functionality will enable users to record coordinates with high precision by leveraging external Bluetooth GPS devices, the company reported. Additionally, the update is designed to allow users to adjust the analyzer based on results of reference samples, and to enter their own calfactors to increase the accuracy of analysis. New accessories also include the Thermo Scientific mini test stand, which is lightweight, collapsible and designed to improve portability, and the Thermo Scientific soil guard and backscatter shield.

Categories: Analyzers | 2017-12-15 | Thermo Fisher Scientific | United States | Views 160

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