Volvo Enters Rigid Hauler Market

Volvo announced it will enter the rigid hauler market in the second quarter of 2018 by launching a range of haulers that consists of the 45-ton R45D, 60-ton R60D, 72-ton R70D and the 100-ton R100E.
The R100E offers high capacity and hauling speeds, a new V-shaped body, efficient hydraulics, and intelligent monitoring systems and operator environment. It delivers stability, a long service life, high profitability, durability and comfort, the company reported.
The new Volvo-branded rigid haulers will be manufactured at the rebranded Volvo Motherwell production facility in Scotland and sold exclusively through the Volvo dealer network. Terex Trucks-branded articulated haulers will continue to be designed, built and developed at the Motherwell facility, and distributed using the pre-existing Terex Trucks independent dealer network. However, as a result of the launch of the Volvo-branded rigid haulers, production of Terex Trucks rigid haulers will, over time, cease, Volvo reported.

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