Centrifugal Pump Range for Clean Liquids

Sulzer introduced the SIL inline single stage centrifugal pump range, designed for clean liquid processes. The range is ideal for pumping mainly clean and slightly contaminated liquids, viscous liquids up to 250 centistokes, and fibrous slurries up to a consistency of 1%. The hydraulic design ensures efficient pumping with a low net positive suction head, the company reported.
The range features an inline design and mono block construction. The mono block construction eliminates the need for a bearing unit. That minimizes the number of wearing parts and the need for maintenance. The optimized shaft sealing chamber and impeller balancing holes guarantee improved conditions for the shaft seal and maximize its life, the company reported. The impeller, the casing and sealing chamber are designed for efficient hydraulics and reliable shaft sealing, ensuring high reliability, Sulzer reported.
The pump is available either with an integrated motor or with a standard IEC motor. The SIL pump exceeds the European Union’s requirements for energy-related products, the company reported.

Categories: Pumps | 2018-02-13 | Sulzer Pumps | Finland | Views 30