Pump System Pulsation Dampener

Flowrox announced the Flowrox Smart Expulse, a pump system inline pulsation dampener with a Smart option. The dampener quiets fluent processes and helps prevent pipeline ruptures, the company reported.
Expulse reduces banging noises by settling up to 90% of pressure peaks that can eventually lead to pipeline breakage, Flowrox reported. It saves up to 10% in pumping energy by temporarily storing it to the flexible inner hose and filler gas. Flexible construction facilitates system maintenance, leading to reduced downtime costs.
The Flowrox SmartCube can control up to five Expulses at a time, and their performance can be monitored using the Flowrox Malibu platform. The platform is accessible via an internet browser.
Expulse can be installed on any pulsating pump from any manufacturer.

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