Sandvik - Easy Integration With AutoMine Tele-Remote

Sandvik recently debuted its AutoMine Tele-Remote for underground loaders, described as a new smart entry-level addition to its AutoMine product family. AutoMine Tele-Remote, according to the company, provides a useful introduction to the full potential of Sandvik equipment automation while improving productivity, safety and cost efficiency in mining operations.
AutoMine Tele-Remote provides functionality for smart teleoperation and monitoring of a single loader from the safety of a remote location. Sandvik said it is easy to set up, operate and maintain without a need for advanced technical skills. Designed specifically for quick production area deployment, AutoMine Tele-Remote is particularly suitable for continuously changing mining environments, such as applications with small stopes or for mine development.
“AutoMine Tele-Remote makes remote loader operating simple thanks to a number of smart system functionalities assisting the operator,” said Jarkko Ruokojärvi, product line manager–Automation at Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology.
“The advanced features — such as automatic steering and predictive wall collision avoidance — ensure easy and smooth operation of the loader, reducing strain on the operator.”
As the intelligent operator-assisting AutoMine Tele-Remote system automatically steers the loader in environments previously unknown to it, loading can start immediately after site installation without a need for area definitions. In addition, the solution enables additional productive hours each day by allowing continued remote operation of the loader during blast clearance periods.
Equipment utilization is also increased as operators can hand over between shifts much faster, without the need to locate and travel to the equipment. The intelligent features of the system assisting the operator also help to avoid wall collision damage that would otherwise lead to expensive downtime for repairs and maintenance. This translates into cost savings and higher productivity. The system’s compact onboard package is integrated into loaders, allowing full monitoring and control functionality as well as straightforward retrofit installations.
Because AutoMine Tele-Remote can be easily upgraded to higher-level Sandvik load and haul automation, Sandvik claims it is an ideal solution for mines looking for a simple yet powerful way to gain more efficiency with remote operation as well as for those who may want to take the next step in performance at a later stage.

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